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Queen On Air (2cd)

Lançamento: 4/11/2016
Álbum duplo contendo as seis apresentações ao vivo gravadas e transmitidas
pela rádio BBC de Londres que a banda realizou ao longo de sua carreira.

CD 1
1 My Fairy King
2 Keep Yourself Alive
3 Doing All Right
4 Liar
5 See What a Fool I´ve Been
6 Kepe Yourself Alive
7 Liar
8 Son and Daughter
9 Ogre Battle
10 Modern Times Rock´n´roll
11 Great King Rat
12 Son and Daughter

CD 2
1 Modern Times Rock´n´roll
2 Nevermore
3 White Queen (As It Began)
4 Now I´m Here
5 Stone Cold Crazy
6 Flick of the Wrist
7 Tenement Funster
8 We Will Rock You
9 We Will Rock You (Fast)
10 Spread Your Wings
11 It´s Late
12 My Melancholy Blues

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