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Essential Motown Northern Soul
Essential Motown Northern Soul (boxset) (3cds)

Lançamento: 28/9/2018
Boxset deluxe com 3 CDs que reúne 66 grandes sucessos da
gravadora Motown lançados ao longo de sua trajetória.
Embalagem no formato digipack.
Produto Europeu no catálogo Americano.

CD: 1
1. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
2. Can´t Hold The Feeling Back
3. Show Me The Way
4. Something About You
5. Something´s Wrong
6. This Love Starved Heart Of Mine (It´s Killing Me)
7. Why Am I Lovin´ You
8. What More Could A Boy Ask For
9. Stormy
10. Suspicion
11. All I Do Is Think About You
12. He Who Picks A Rose
13. You Hit Me Where It Hurt Me
14. Angel Doll
15. It Happens Every Time
16. I Want My Baby Back
17. If You Ever Get Your Hands On Love
18. I´ve Been Cheated
19. 6 By 6
20. Take Him Back If It Makes You Happy
21. I Can´t Be Hurt Anymore
22. I´ve Gotta Get Away

CD: 2
1. Tell Me It´s Just A Rumor Baby
2. Lonely, Lonely Girl Am I
3. It´s Gonna Take A Whole Lot Of Doin´
4. No One Could Love You More
5. Forever In My Heart
6. You Can Do It
7. I´m Grateful
8. The Touch Of Venus
9. We´re Gonna Be More Than Friends
10. We´ll Keep On Rolling
11. My Love For You
12. Your Love Can Save Me
13. Don´t Stop Now
14. Sometimes I Have To Cry
15. The Stranger
16. Give In, You Just Can´t Win
17. Nothing´s Too Good For My Baby
18. You´ve Got To Pay The Price
19. On The Avenue (In The Neighborhood)
20. I Ain´t Going Nowhere
21. That´s A Funny Way
22. I Know Better

CD: 3
1. I Have Faith In You
2. Share A Little Love With Me (Somebody)
3. The Way You Been Acting Lately
4. Keep On Lovin´ Me
5. It´s Not Unusual
6. Ain´t You Glad You Chose Love
7. A Tear From A Woman´s Eyes
8. Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead
9. Clip My Wings
10. I´m Gonna Make It Up To You
11. Sweet Thing
12. We´ll Be Satisfied
13. Baby A Go - Go
14. Baby Come Home To Me
15. The "In" Crowd
16. Head Over Heels In Love With You Baby
17. You Got The Love I Need
18. Don´t Be Afraid
19. Crying In The Night
20. Sunny
21. Tell Me How To Forget A True Love
22. After The Rain