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Egypt Station (Explorer´s Edition)

Lançamento: 17/5/2019
Edição especial dupla do álbum Egypt Station incluindo faixas bônus ao vivo e gravações raras.

CD 1:
1 Opening Station
2 I Don´t Know
3 Come on to Me
4 Happy with You
5 Who Cares
6 Fuh You
7 Confidante
8 People Want Peace
9 Hand in Hand
10 Dominoes
11 Back in Brazil
12 Do It Now
13 Caesar Rock
14 Despite Repeated Warnings
15 Station II
16 Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link

CD 2:
1 Get Started (Previously Released on the "Green Band" Edition)
2 Nothing for Free (Previously Released on the "Green Band" Edition)
3 Frank Sinatra´s Party
4 Sixty Second Street
5 Who Cares (Full Length Version)
6 Get Enough (Previously Released Online on New Year´s Day)
7 Come on to Me (Live at Abbey Road Studios)
8 Fuh You (Live at the Cavern Club)
9 Confidante (Live at Lipa)
10 Who Cares (Live at Grand Central Station)

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