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Domingo, 21.01.2018
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R$ 169,90

Em Estoque - Europeu.
Pleasant Dreams (lp)

Vinil 12 Polegadas
Primeira Edição Inglesa. Original de época - 1981.
Semi novo. Com encarte.

1. We Want The Airwaves
2. All´s Quiet On The Eastern Front
3. KKK Took My Baby Away, The
4. Don´t Go
5. You Sound Like You´re Sick
6. It´s Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World)
7. She´s A Sensation
8. 7-11
9. You Didn´t Mean Anything To Me
10. Come On Now
11. This Business Is Killing Me
12. Sitting In My Room

Rocket To Russia: 40th Anniversary (remaster)

Pleasant Dreams (lp)