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Quarta, 19.12.2018
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Em Estoque - Nacional.
Staying Alive / O.S.T. (Bee Gees)
Staying Alive / O.S.T. (lp)

Vinil 12 Polegadas
Trilha sonora do filme "Os Embalos de Sábado Continuam".
O Lado A contém apenas canções dos Bee Gees.
Capa dupla. Semi novo.

Lado A
1. "The Woman in You"
2. "I Love You Too Much"
3. "Breakout"
4. "Someone Belonging to Someone"
5. "Life Goes On"
6. "Stayin´ Alive" (edited version)

Lado B
7. "Far from Over"
8. "Look Out for Number One"
9. "Finding Out the Hard Way"
10. "Moody Girl"
11. "(We Dance) So Close to the Fire"
12. "I´m Never Gonna Give You Up"